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Introducing... The Hive-Engine INDEX Token

A brand new project on the Hive-Engine eco-system that will change the way you think of crypto forever...

Hey let's face it....Crypto investors LOVE to play the market. Getting into this industry is exciting and new, the swings can be huge and the payouts can be lucrative...

But then there is the other side of the 'coin'.

Crypto can fall quicker than it rises, and if you don't have the skin to handle those massive swings...It can be a rough lesson in this space.

So what about...A slow and steady approach to getting into crypto?

Welcome to the Hive-Engine Index!

And just like the name says....This is the first token that represents an index of the best performing tokens in the Hive-Engine market.

How does it work?

The HE-Index is 100% backed by the tokens it represents. That means if the token represents 1000 LEO tokens, it will hold 1000 LEO tokens!

We regularly review all the top performing tokens within Hive-Engine and select the top tokens to represent the token. This is based on volume averages over the history of each token for a set time.

For every INDEX purchased, a weight is given to the individual tokens represented, INDEX then purchases the corresponding weight of each token.

100% backed by every token it represents!

NOTE: There are no mining tokens, swap tokens or governance tokens inside the INDEX.

How do I profit from INDEX?

As the value of the market increases overtime, each INDEX token will rise in value.

Through curation rewards, following curation trails specific to tokens represented in the token PLUS top performing trails on the blockchain as well.

Mining Profits

Payouts are as follows:

Rewards are paid out automatically once a day.


The largest tokenized community for crypto and investing online! This token continues to lead the way with it's WLEO project and so many other amazing developments.


The currency of the Splinterlands digital asset trading game! As one of the most active and popular games in the blockchain space, DEC is poised for massive growth as Splinterlands continues to gain popularity and players around the world!


The currency of the dCity experience! One of the more popular games on the Hive blockchain and a leader in the NFT space for digital assets. SIM is a token with nothing but big things ahead!


The token for the Hive-Engine eco-system. This token allows you to create your own token on top of Hive and plug into the power of layer 2 like nothing before.


The token of the STEMGeeks social media community. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics have a home on Hive! And this token is quickly becoming a favorite on Hive Engine because of it's exciting tokenomics and bright future!


The BROcoin project is truly remarkable! A unique community of investors that are rewarded in many dividend payments within Hive Engine. Earn 50% daily curation rewards from this unique token!


The token for the premier investment club / fund on Hive Engine! 'Get rich slowly' is the motto of SPI and with compounding returns and 50% rewards being paid in dividends, this project has big legs and a big future!


The first community on Hive Engine and a passionate group of content creators. The PAL token is a solid community based project that accepts content and content creators from a wide variety of niches and topics!


A newer project by Upfundme! Staked ARCHON is a source of GP in Archon Governance. A first in the world of Hive-Engine!


The premier sports token and community on the HIVE blockchain! Whether it's football, basketball, car racing or....Golf...This is the token that rewards you for talking about it all!


The community based token for entrepreneurs and online businesses on the blockchain! One of the first ever tokens on Hive Engine with the mission to onboard entrepreneurs and welcome them to the amazing opportunities on the blockchain!


The currency of the popular Rising Star Game on the blockchain! One of the more addictive blockchain based games on Hive!


A unique income generating token for Hive Engine. It adds daily dividend payments to holders and helps build passive income just by stacking and holding it.


One of the original community tokens and front ends in the Hive Engine eco-system! INDEX buys and stakes NEOXAG and pays dividends to holders each and every day.


A vision of what the Hive blockchain was originally intended to be with some very unique features makes POB a must for the INDEX token. With only 21 million of these tokens being issued, and no mining tokens to earn, this is a true 'proof of brain' concept!


The token for the musicforlife tribe and a massive niche community for...You guessed it...Music! A very active community with plenty of support on a grassroots level, another amazing addition to the INDEX token!


Everyone watches TV or movies, and this tribe hopes to capture that massive market with a unique and refreshing community focused just that! From reviews to in-depth discussion about tv and movies, this token has big potential to grow outside of the Hive eco-system!


The token for the Splinterlands blogging community! One of the most popular front ends on Hive Engine and blockchain based games online, SPT is staked and dividends are paid daily to INDEX holders.


One of the most unique and passionate community based tipping token in Hive Engine. Stake 20 PIZZA tokens and you are able to tip other creators with a slice of pizza. A lot of fun and very rewarding!


Get paid from someone elses efforts? That's UTOPIS and another amazing income token found on Hive Engine. Weekly dividends are paid to UTOPIS holders and you can also get bonuses for staking the token as well!


Ape Mining Club is a newer game on Hive Engine that pays you for 'mining' APE tokens! Passive income is the focus of this token and the idle game is becoming quite popular!


The token of the Hash Kings game! Cannabis meets blockchain gaming in this unique yet simple to learn game. A fantastic project with a dedicated community and development team!


LVL is the in-game token for the upcoming Play 2 Earn juggernaut on Hive - PsyberX. A massive project that will be the first ever first person shooter play to earn game on the blockchain.


LISTNERDS is the native token for - The first ever content discovery tool on the Hive blockchain. Holders earn LISTNERDS from sending high quality content and staking it within the platform.