Introducing... The Hive-Engine INDEX Token!

A brand new project on the Hive-Engine eco-system that will change the way you think of crypto forever...

Hey let's face it....Crypto investors LOVE to play the market. Getting into this industry is exciting and new, the swings can be huge and the payouts can be lucrative...

But then there is the other side of the 'coin'.

Crypto can fall quicker than it rises, and if you don't have the skin to handle those massive swings...It can be a rough lesson in this space.

So what about...A slow and steady approach to getting into crypto?

Welcome to the Hive-Engine Index!

And just like the name says....This is the first token that represents an index of the best performing tokens in the Hive-Engine market.

How does it work?

The HE-Index is 100% backed by the tokens it represents. That means if the token represents 1000 LEO tokens, it will hold 1000 LEO tokens!

We regularly review all the top performing tokens within Hive-Engine and select the top tokens to represent the token. This is based on volume averages over the history of each token for a set time.

For every INDEX purchased, a weight is given to the individual tokens represented, INDEX then purchases the corresponding weight of each token.

100% backed by every token it represents!

NOTE: There are no mining tokens, swap tokens or governance tokens inside the INDEX.

How do I profit from INDEX?

As the value of the market increases overtime, each INDEX token will rise in value.

Through curation, staking, and mining, INDEX holders receive rewards in multiple tokens on Hive-Engine. The INDEX also holds considerable stake in games like Splinterlands and dCity that pays out consistent rewards as well.

Payouts are as follows:

Rewards are calculated and paid out daily.


NLEO is building a thriving creator economy that is centered around digital ownership, tokenization and communities. Our flagship application ( features a "twitter-like" feeling on Web3. The underlying architecture is built entirely on a blockchain, providing users with immutable digital identities.


Dark Energy Crystals are the in-game currency token for Splinterlands. Earn them through gameplay or by sacrificing unworthy cards in your collection, and then use them to buy all sorts of great items in the shop!


City simulation game based on hive-engine NFT tokens.


BEE is the native token for the Hive Engine platform


STEMGeeks is a social media community built on the Hive blockchain.


Community token for everyone. Buy BRO and receive daily/weekly/bi-weekly dividends from all of our investments. This is our gold standard. Airdrops to tokens holders from everything we do in the future. Join our discord to participate.


SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club for all users of social blockchains. Everyone is welcome! The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. 50% of SPinvest' weekly earnings are paid to all tokens in the form of a dividend paid in SPI. The other 50% is reinvested into the fund to ensure long term token price growth.


The primary token of the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Community. Discord available at


Archon Tribe Token: 100k to start. 1 ARCHON will be added to reward pool every 150 blocks for PoB. Miners split 100k ARCHON per year. Staked ARCHON is a source of GP in Archon Governance.


The SPORTS token fuels the SportsTalkSocial community by empowering stakeholders to reward quality sports content with future token distribution. SportsTalkSocial is a social platform where everyone can be rewarded for creating and curating sports focused content. Start earning SPORTS today by talking about your favorite sports on!


In game currency for the Rising Star Hive NFT game. Start as a lowly busker and work your way up to a global mega star! Earn StarBits by completing tasks and trade or use them to purchase NFTs in game.


One of the original community tokens and front ends in the Hive Engine eco-system! INDEX buys and stakes NEOXAG and pays dividends to holders each and every day.


Similar to Bitcoin mining rewards, POB rewards started at 50 POB every 10 minutes and will decrease by 50% every 4 years.


Film and TV tribe. News, reviews, basically come and post anything you want to do with your favourite movies and TV.


A token rewarding blogging about Splinterlands on


Add liquidity to our PIZZA Diesel Pools to farm rewards daily. Win token rewards just by holding $PIZZA! Buy and hold 20 $PIZZA and gain access to the !PIZZA command to reward others with free $PIZZA! Spend $PIZZA on Steam Video Games in the $PIZZA Game Store! Delegate HP to our curation account to farm tokens daily and much much more!


A roleplaying adventure game for both casual and competitive players with many creatures to catch and train, healers to keep them alive and strong along with many professions and items to craft and find.


Beeswap token, stake for 50% of beeswap fees


Non inflationary utility token for the BRO economy. You will be dripped hive for holding this.


DRIP is a hive-engine based crypto token. The purpose of the project is to invest into gamefi projects with high expected growth and return a percentage back to token holders each and every day with regular increases in payout.