INDEX Proposals

Votes Needed to Pass a Proposal: 131,119.085
Total Votes Available: 163,898.856
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There are currently no active proposals
Creating an INDEX proposal is a simple process:
  1. Write a post on Hive describing your proposal and include all relevant details and information
  2. Fill out the form below
  3. Send proposal creation fee

Once the fee is verified, your proposal instantly becomes active. Proposals expire automatically after 14 days.

For a proposal to be accepted, it must hold 50% vote weight at the time of expiration or 80% vote weight anytime before. If your proposal is accepted, please allow an appropriate amount of time for it to be implemented. If your proposal is not accepted, re-write your proposal post with any comments/updates necessary and recreate a new proposal!

Proposal creation fee is $5 in CTP tokens. The fee is only required to prevent numerous or irrelevant proposals from being proposed. You can also highlight and put your proposal at the top of the list for an additional $2.50 in CTP tokens. All fees will be immediately entered into the INDEX rewards pool to be paid out to hodlers!

Proposal title will be pulled from your Hive post, so please title your post accordingly.

Post URL must be from Peakd or CTPTalk